REGISTRATION CLOSED – Masterclass Course I

What will students learn in our course?

  • How to spot low risk high reward setup
  • When to enter, when to take profits
  • Start developing the ability to view a technical chart objectively and focus on the key elements
  • Gaining an understanding of how we look at the world of chart trading, opening new paths to forecasting

Who are our target students?

  • Anybody wanting to learn or deepen their technical analysis or chart trading skills
  • Anybody seeking a new vantage point in the analysis of an instrument i.e in addition to fundamental analysis
  • Ideal for people looking to gain the ability to time market moves and anticipate future directions
  • Individuals who wish to have the ability to identify opportunity and risk more accurately

High Level Course Outline

  • You’ll be with your instructors over the span of 4 hours
  • In a virtual classroom, you’ll be able to get direct access to Kevin and Patrick via interactive chat facilities
  • Together we will learn how to analyse technical charts using a variety of techniques

4 hour course agenda

  • Kevin outlines arc theory, drawing trend lines, tuning moving averages, indicators & how to use price scales
  • Patrick deep dives Stan Weinstein’s Stage Analysis. Entries, riding the trend and profit taking exits
  • Kevin deep dives his famous arcs, how to identify and properly draw them & establishing risk vs reward
  • Patrick’s most effective setups. Identifying fear and greed. Moving averages, Volume Profiling, Clouds, Multi Time-Frame analysis and more

Masterclass course – $300 USD

  • 4 hours with 2 instructors, includes open interactive chat facilities
  • Kevin and Patrick carefully selected their “most effective” techniques
  • Class recordings and learning material included

Course dates

  • Masterclass Course I – Sunday Nov 28th 2021 9:00-13:00 EST

Feel free to contact Kevin & Patrick at with ANY questions

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