If you’re visiting from Twitter, welcome. This page (the free area) contains a selection of examples of what you can find in the members area. The charts here are ‘big picture’ macro charts, but the members section contains video podcasts and more detailed charts for crypto, uranium, precious metals and much more, with key technical levels marked, to help your buying/selling decision-making process.

This chart shows a possible bullish expanding wedge between the 12-month moving average and the downtrending resistance line. A monthly close below the 12-month moving average (0.75) would constitute a sell signal. A move above the resistance line near 0.78 would be bullish. I’ve marked the edge of the arc in 2023/24, which is where I expect another arc test/touchpoint to form, with a very strong move up after that.

Why is all this important ? Because the Aussie Dollar is a commodity currency, so precious metals and commodities are likely to follow a similar path. If this ratio is moving up, it means the Aussie Dollar is out-performing the US Dollar.

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