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Firstly, thank you so much for showing interest in our charting community. However you found us, we’re delighted to see you here, so that we can help you navigate the markets and make more informed investment decisions.

Launched on Monday May 3rd 2021, this site is the culmination of collaborative work between Northstar (Kevin Wadsworth) and Badcharts (Patrick Karim).

  • We both have a strong presence on Twitter, but found that we were getting asked many times for charts that we’d already done in the recent past.
  • It can be very difficult to find what you’re looking for on social media generally.
  • This site provides you with much easier access to all of our charts, searchable by category or tag.
  • Most high value actionable charts will be posted here and not available anywhere else.
  • Our social media accounts will continue, but this site will be the ‘jewel in our crown’ where we showcase our best work.
  • Our charting styles are distinct from each other, but, we feel, complimentary to each other.
  • We make no attempt to ‘synchronize’ our charts so that they tell the same story.
  • It’s better (we think) that our work remains uncompromised, giving you the benefit of both our perspectives.

As much as we would like to answer every question posted, it is, of course, not possible. We do read them though, and will answer as, and when, we can. If there is a common theme/question/problem/request, rest assured we will react accordingly.

As the site develops, we’d like to encourage a ‘community feel’, with members having discussions around the topics raised by the charts.

From time to time, either one of us will take a week or two away from the screen to enjoy some family time/holiday/vacation. The beauty is that with two of us here, the site will always be updated regardless.

We are both technical analysts (not financial advisors), so cannot give individual investment advice.

Please use our charts as they’re intended – to help you make properly informed decisions, helping you to weigh up the evidence and stack the odds in YOUR favour. That’s what it’s all about really – nobody knows the future with 100% certainty, but these charts, taken as a whole, should keep you on the right track – navigating the ups and downs of these turbulent markets.

Happy investing.

Kevin & Patrick

Who are we?

What Does The Site Offer?

  • We consciously decided to keep the membership fee very low, so that we can put this work in front of as many people as possible.
  • The idea is not to churn out numerous charts in a ‘rapid-fire’ process, but to allow us to give added value to our social media content.
  • The website format allows much more detailed and extensive discussion/explanation if needed. It also allows you to find the charts you’re looking for MUCH more easily.
  • Careful use of the techniques described will enable users of this members only site to anticipate market moves, directional changes, turning points etc.
  • Of course, predicting the future comes with no guarantees, but it’s all about stacking the odds in our favour, and helping to increase confidence levels.
  • We are analysts, not financial advisors, so we do not tell anyone when to buy/sell particular stocks. The charts DO however contain support/resistance levels and we DO highlight important breakouts/breakdowns.
  • Everybody has a different investment plan and trading style, as well as a different risk tolerance, so as an investor, our charts will help you to make much better informed trading and investing decisions for yourself.
  • Many more historical examples & case studies at and
  • Here you will find regular, detailed charts across a variety of markets

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